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We understand the top challenges local businesses face:


Why You Need SMS/Text Messaging for Your Business!!

SMS Text Messages Have an Open Rate of Over 93%


Birthday Club

Starting a Birthday Club is a fast and easy way to get new customers willing to spend a lot of money. Over 55% of Americans go out to dinner to celebrate a family member or friends special day. On average there are 3-4 guests and they spend north of $78 just on food. We can target those ready to celebrate their birthday in the next 7 days and get your business in front of the 1000s of new and unique customers each week.


VIP Club

Offering a VIP Club allows you to build a list of dedicated regulars. Everyone likes to feel special, right? Not only will it bring these folks back again and again but they bring friends too. Imagine it's a slow Tuesday night and you send out an SMS Text for a free appetizer to a few thousand members...you better have more staff ready to handle the overflow!


Anniversary Campaigns

Did you know we could target couples who will be celebrating an upcoming anniversary in the next 30 days? We can place your business right in front of those customers with an offer they can't refuse. Talk about "Big Spenders"...let's talk about getting you set up today!


Reservation & Appointment Reminders

The best way to improve your show rate is by sending an occasional SMS Text reminder to your patrons and leads. People are busy and often forget the plans they've made. Our proprietary software automatically sends reminders the day before and a few hours prior to the scheduled date.


Reputation Management

We often hear that businesses find it difficult to get their customers to leave reviews on certain websites and social media. With our software, after they have redeemed a coupon we can send a short message with a link to the review websites we want to promote. If you have provided them with a great meal and a discount, you can expect to see your reviews and testimonials grow quickly.


Recruiting Employees

Most everyone is on a mobile device today! Smartphones have become a way of life, especially for millennials. One challenge we often hear from our clients is that often after they get an application they are unable to reach out to the applicant to get a meeting or even to hire. Not only will SMS Text messages reach your intended potential employee, but you can also send a blast to several at once and pick from many.

Our Approach to Growth

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Schedule Reminders

Send reminder messages before an appointment or reservation. Let your customer know their coupon will soon expire and increase conversion rates

Send Follow up Messages

Now you can check back with your customer after their visit to get feedback on their experience. Include a link to your testimonial, review or social media pages

Conditional Messages

If your customer redeems a coupon you can send a new message but if they DO NOT, you can send another message and offer them a new reason to come back again

2 Way SMS Messaging

Send and receive messages right from your dashboard or email account. SMS notifications are sent upon any reply so you don't miss an important message

ROI Tracking

When a coupon is redeemed the total amount spent can be added by the server or client and tracked in your dashboard so you can see your ROI

Preset or Time Elapsed Expiration

Coupon expiration dates can be triggered from the date of joining your list or as an exact date. Easily create urgency and improve redemtion rates

Redemption Code Required

You have the option of setting up a 4 digit secret code you provide your employees. They enter the code at checkout so you know which coupons were really redeemed and helps calculate a more accurate ROI

Loyalty Club

Reward your loyal customers with additional coupons when certain milestones are achieved. Like, get one FREE after five visits. This gives your customer an incentive to return again and again.

Groupon Type Promotions

Have you ever tried advertising with Groupon, Living Social or Val Pac? For example. Groupon expects you to offer at least 50% off your meal and then takes 1/2 of that as their fee. We can set it up and allow you to keep all the revenue.